How and where does evolution actually happen?
Can you feel it, in your body?
What lies beneath all the experiences, imprints, patterns, thoughts, emotions,…?
In this week far away from mobile phones, Internet, consumption and everyday life, we want to become completely silent and listen into it.
Slow down
B r e a t h o u t .
Breath out from up to the last cell.
Until the new is influxing into us by itself.
And only inhale what is really essential.
Even now.
Actually at this point there could be a list of keywords about what great things we are offering.
But what is it all about for real?
This is the 3rd body evolution, and we immerse ourselves deeper into the essence with you. We are all Researchers at that. Teachers and learners at the same time.
You are warm-hearted invited to travel this journey with us ❤
Wie und wo geschieht eigentlich Evolution?
Kannst Du sie spüren, in Deinem Körper?
Was liegt unter all den Erfahrungen, Prägungen, Mustern, Gedanken, Emotionen,…?
In dieser Woche fernab von Handy, Internet, Konsum und Alltag wollen wir ganz still werden und hineinlauschen.
A u s a t m e n .
Bis aus der letzten Zelle.
Bis das Neue von alleine in uns einströmt.
Und nur das einatmen, was wirklich essentiell ist.
Auch jetzt schon.
Eigentlich könnte jetzt hier eine Auflistung von Schlagwörtern stehen, was wir alles Tolles anbieten.
Aber worum geht es dabei eigentlich wirklich?
Dies ist das 3. BodyEvolution, und wir tauchen immer tiefer in die Essenz mit Euch. Dabei sind wir alle Forschende. Lehrer und Lernende gleichzeitig.
Du bist herzlich eingeladen mitzureisen ❤
Timeframe: We start our journey on February 14th at 6pm and end on 20th at lunch time.
Food and permaculture: biological , lightfull, regional, vegan, the group process supporting food that we create together. There is the opportunity to experience hands on in permaculture… participate in the garden… to plant trees… to harvest …
Location: GaneshAMOR is a retreatcenter with the main focus on permaculture and development of holistic consciousness. Full of beautiful dance spots in the magnificent north west of La Palma, the westernmost and greenest island of the Canary Islands. We will play in a light full seminar room made out of clay, on a wooden dance platform in nature, in a swimmingpool and a temazcal (mexican sweet lodge) always with the 180* view of this amazing big pool. Everything is very simple and close to nature: compost toilet, hot shower and a hot bath in between the bananas under the open sky.
You can sleep in your own tent, under the stars, in belt tents from our finca or in comfortable apartments in the neighbourhood.
Energy balance Seminar:
290 ~ 390 € (as you can/self assessment) early bird until January 14th 2018
340 ~ 440€ late bird.
Extra deals for helpers possible. Please contact: or +34 684 362 030
Overnight stay (in your own tent or community space/tent) and food (vegan/ecological): 190€ (further donations to support the space are welcome!)
Food only (when you stay somewhere else): 135€
Flights to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC):
Easyjet from Berlin and London from 29€:
Charterflights from 150€ roundtrip:,,
Tuifly often offers discounts up to 33% on many flights.
Condor frequently offers cheap flights Please click:
If you want to be informed about cheap flight offers, please send an email to with „flights la palma“ as subject.
Also you can check here:,,,, or
Other low cost airlines: Vueling (very cheap from Barcelona and Bilbao) and Transavia (very cheap from Amsterdam).
If you find good flight offers in other countries, please let us know, so we can pass it on!
You can also fly to Tenerife South and take a ferry (
Car rental:
Prices start at 80 € …we will take part in car sharing group organized by doodle group.
Questions & registration:
or +4915779423029
Main teachers:
Rohland Frohland (formerly known as Moksha) 49, dances on a volcano in the atlantic sea, pioneer at GaneshAMOR on the island La Palma. As a passionate dancer, bodyworker, permaculturist, musician and bard, since the 1990ies, I create spaces of free learning and playing to experience effortless and sensual BE-ing. Inspired through the different artistical, therapeutical and spiritual systems I more and more enjoy LETTING GO of all these concepts. As a scorpio I love to dance with the shadows and the guardians at the borders and gates to new
Daniel Werner I teach CI since 1997, and love to continuously discover new dimensions of this amazing dance form on stage, in teaching and in the jam. My teaching is nurtured by the passion to systematically understand and categorize the underlying principles in CI. I studied contemporary dance at the North Karelia College in Finland and enjoy to work internationally as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Essential influences for my work also come from Body-Mind Centering, Release-Techniques and Asian Movement Arts. Homepages:,,,,,,,,,